Vacation Special

Another special, created while traveling around the midwest.

Six Month Anniversary Special

I’ve been creating and posting puzzles for six months now. Warning: 21d. and 25d. are decidedly American clues.

Mad Dog Cryptics #11

A Time for Optimism Special

Another Mad Dog Special for better or for worse

Mad Dog Cryptics #10

This one took a while. I hope you think it was worth it.

Herd Immunity Special

Another “special” – Let’s all get the shot and open up our lives! Included a Spoonerism in this one.

Mad Dog Cryptics #9

Another tightly edited production.

Travel Special

Another “special.” Just thinking about traveling again now that we are vaccinated. I use more pop culture in these specials.

Get a Shot Special

Here’s another “special” puzzle. These don’t go through the rigorous editing the numbered puzzles do. They are straight from my id. Some of the clues are lost children from previous puzzles. Many of the answers are more focused on pop culture. Enjoy!

Mad Dog Cryptics #8

It’s been awhile.

Mad Dog Cryptics Snowstorm Special

I threw this one together in between power outages here in Austin. This puzzle has not gone through the rigorous editing that we usually do. Let me know how you like this one.

Mad Dog Cryptics #7

Let me know if you’re enjoying these.

Mad Dog Cryptics #6

Another mad dog released into the wild. Enjoy!

Mad Dog Cryptics #5

True nerds will know the name of this character and which clue refers to her.

The puzzles of John de Cuevas

Cryptic fans may be aware of the late setter John de Cuevas or his site, PuzzleCrypt. While Puzzlecrypt was lost after Mr. de Cuevas’ passing in 2018, a team has recovered 364 puzzles, which can be found at this site.

Mad Dog Cryptics #4

A new puzzle that oddly (pun intended) features only 5, 7 and 9 letter answers.

I have also posted PUZ files for puzzles 2 and 3 below.

How to solve cryptic crosswords

There are two sites I go to for this purpose:

toughasnails.net written by Stella Zawistowski. You have to scroll down for the 15 essays she wrote on this topic.

solving-cryptics.com is shorter but is an excellent guide.

Mad Dog Cryptics #3

Mad Dog Cryptics #2

Mad Dog Cryptics #1